En el proceso de fabricación de los equipos, donde la elección de los materiales y los detalles de diseño son de vanguardia, nos esforzamos para que el uso del equipo sea impecable y el mantenimiento sea lo más simple posible.

Custom THEAM belt – 30,000yd life span

Balanced Head Pulley

Road Storage – flexible, fully secured and monitored

Electric Control Center w/ alarm monitoring

Controls: Primary Wireless

Instant monitoring of the hydraulic system health

Hydraulic Storage – thermally controlled for summer to winter operations

Discharge Hopper – two choices:
– Low Slump
– Regular Slump

Your hydraulic cylinder’s silent partner

Controls: Secondary Electric (manual override)


Drum rotation visual in-cab warning indicator to prevent accidental discharge

Power Unit Packages - two choices:
– Manual Transmission
– Automatic Transmission

High pressure water blaster

Control center w/ modular connections, stainless-steel housing

Outriggers – TLS Series only (Standard Series are free standing)

Maxi-Swing – reach your pour right or left of truck

Hydraulic hoses are mining grade for abrasion resistance