In the manufacturing process of the equipment where the choice of materials and the detail of design are forefront, we strive to make the use of the equipment flawless and the maintenance as simple as it can be.

Custom THEAM belt – 30,000yd life span

Balanced Head Pulley

Road Storage – flexible, fully secured and monitored

Electric Control Center w/ alarm monitoring

Controls: Primary Wireless

Instant monitoring of the hydraulic system health

Hydraulic Storage – thermally controlled for summer to winter operations

Discharge Hopper – two choices:
– Low Slump
– Regular Slump

Your hydraulic cylinder’s silent partner

Controls: Secondary Electric (manual override)


Drum rotation visual in-cab warning indicator to prevent accidental discharge

Power Unit Packages - two choices:
– Manual Transmission
– Automatic Transmission

High pressure water blaster

Control center w/ modular connections, stainless-steel housing

Outriggers – TLS Series only (Standard Series are free standing)

Maxi-Swing – reach your pour right or left of truck

Hydraulic hoses are mining grade for abrasion resistance